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The second time of the Spirits appearing to Faustus in his house, and of their parley. Chap. 4.

FAustus continuing in his diuelish cogitations, neuer mouing out of the place where the Spirit left him (such was his feruent loue to the diuel) the night approching, this swift flying Spirit appeared to Faustus, offering himself with al submissi├┤ to his seruice, with ful authority from his Prince to doe whatsoeuer he would request, if so be Faustus would promise to be his: this answere I bring thee, and an answere must thou make by me againe, yet will I heare what is thy desire, because thou hast sworne me to be here at this time. Doctor Faustus gaue him this answere, though faintly (for his soules sake) That his request was none other but to become a Diuel, or at the least a limme of him, and that the Spirit should agree vnto these Articles as followeth.
  1. That he might be a Spirite in shape and qualitie.
  2. 2
  3. That Mephostophiles should be his seruant, and at his commandement.
  4. 3
  5. That Mephostophiles should bring him any thing, and doo for him whatsoeuer.
  6. 4
  7. That at all times he should be in his house, inuisible to all men, except onely to himselfe, and at his commandement to shew himselfe.
  8. 5
  9. Lastly, that Mephostophiles should at all times appeare at his command, in what forme or shape soeuer he would.

Vpon these poynts the Spirit answered Doctor Faustus, that

all this should be granted him and fulfilled, and more if he would agree vnto him vpon certaine Articles as followeth.

First, that Doctor Faustus should giue himselfe to his Lord Lucifer, body and soule.

Secondly, for confirmation of the same, he should make him a wri- ting, written with his owne blood.

Thirdly, that he would be an enemie to all Christian people.

Fourthly, that he would denie his Christian beleefe.

Fiftly, that he let not any man change his opinion, if so bee any man should goe about to disswade, or withdraw him from it.

Further, the spirit promised Faustus to giue him certaine yeares to liue in health and pleasure, and when such yeares were expired, that then Faustus should be fetched away, and if he should holde these Articles and conditions, that then he should haue all whatsoeuer his heart would wish or desire; and that Faustus should quickly perceiue himself to be a Spirit in all maner of actions whatsoeuer. Hereupon Doctor Faustus his minde was so inflamed, that he forgot his soule, and promised Mephostophiles to hold all things as hee had mentioned them: he thought the diuel was not so black as they vse to paynt him, nor hell so hote as the people say, &c.

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