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How Doctor Faustus set his blood in a saucer on warme ashes, and writ as followeth. Chap. 6

I Iohannes Faustus, Doctor, doe openly acknowledge with mine ownehand, to the greater force and strengthning of this Letter, that siththence I began to studie and speculate the course and order of the Elements, I haue not found through the gift that is giuen mee from aboue, any such learning and wisdome, that can bring mee to my desires: and for that I find, that men are vnable to instruct me any farther in the matter, now haue I Doctor John Faustus, vnto the hellish prince of Orient and his messenger Mephostophiles, giuen both bodie & soule, vpon such condition, that they shall learne me, and fulfill my desire in all things, as they haue promised and vowed vnto me, with due obedience vnto me, according vnto the Articles mentioned betweene vs.

Further, I couenant and grant with them by these presents, that at the end of 24. yeares next ensuing the date of this present Letter, they being expired, and I in the meane time, during the said yeares be serued of them at my wil, they accomplishing my desires to the full in al points as we are agreed, that then I giue them full power to doe with mee at their pleasure, to rule, to send, fetch, or carrie me or mine, be it either body, soule, flesh, blood, or goods, into their habitation, be it wheresoeuer: and herevpon, I defie God and his Christ, all the hoast of heauen, and all liuing creatures that beare the shape of God, yea all that liues; and againe I say it, and it shall be so. And to the more strengthning of this writing, I haue written it with mine owne hand and blood, being in perfect memory, and herevpon I subscribe to it with my name and title, calling all the infernall, middle, and supreme powers to witnesse of this my Letter and subscription.

Iohn Faustus, approued in the Elements1, and the spirituall Doctor.

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