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Act Four, Scene Four

Enter the Queene, her sonne, Edmund [earle of Kent], Mortimer, and sir John.

Now lords, our loving friends and countrimen,
Welcome to England all with prosperous windes,
Our kindest friends in Belgia have we left,
To cope with friends at home: a heavie case,
When force to force is knit, and sword and gleave
In civill broiles
makes kin and country men
Slaughter themselves in others and their sides
With their owne weapons gorde, but whats the helpe?
Misgoverned kings are cause of all this wrack,
And Edward thou art one among them all,
Whose loosnes hath betrayed thy land to spoyle,
And made the channels overflow with blood,
Of thine own people patron shouldst thou be
But thou---

Nay madam, if you be a warriar,
Ye must not grow so passionate in speeches:
Lords, sith that we are by sufferance of heaven,
Arrivde and armed in this princes right,
Heere for our countries cause sweare we to him
All homage, fealtie and forwardnes,
And for the open wronges and injuries
Edward hath done to us, his Queene and land,
We come in armes to wrecke it with the sword:
That Englands queene in peace may reposesse
Her dignities and honors, and withall
We may remoove these flatterers from the king,
That havocks Englands wealth and treasurie.

Sir John
Sound trumpets my lord and forward let us martch,
Edward will thinke we come to flatter him.

I would he never had bin flattered more.

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