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one of the Ladies of her Majesties Bed-chamber.

I present your Ladiship with the last affections of the first two
Lovers that ever Muse shrinde in the Temple of Memorie; being drawne
by strange instigation to employ some of my serious time inso trifeling
a subject, which yet made the first Author, divine Musaeus, eternall.
And were it not that wee must subject our accounts of these common
received conceits to servile custome; it goes much against my hand to
signe that for a trifling subject, on which more worthines of soule hath
been shewed, and weight of divine wit, than can vouchsafe residence in
the leaden gravitie of any Mony-Monger; in whose profession all
serious subjects are concluded. But he that shuns trifles must shun the
world; out of whose reverend heapes of substance and austeritie, I can,
and will, ere long, single, or tumble out as brainles and passionate
fooleries, as ever panted in the bosome of the most ridiculous Lover.
Accept it therfore (good Madam) though as a trifle, yet as a serious
argument of my affection: for to bee thought thankefull for all free and
honourable favours, is a great summe of that riches my whole thrift

Such uncourtly and sillie dispositions as mine, whose contentment
hath other objects than profit or glorie; are as glad, simply for the
naked merit of vertue, to honour such as advance her, as others that
are hired to commend with deepeliest politique bountie.

It hath therefore adjoynde much contentment to my desire of your
true honour to heare men of desert in Court, adde to mine owne know-
ledge of your noble disposition, how glady you doe your best to preferre
their desires; and have as absolute respect to their meere good parts,
as if they came perfumed and charmed with golden incitements. And
this most sweet inclination, that flowes from the truth and eternitie of
Nobles; assure your Ladiship doth more suite your other Ornaments,
and makes more to the advancement of your Name, and happines of
your proceedings, then if(like others) you displaied Ensignes of state
and sowrenes in your forehead; made smooth with nothing but sensualitie
and presents.

This poore Dedication (in figure of the other unitie betwixt Sir
Thomasand your selfe) hath rejoynd you with him, my honoured best
friend, whose continuance of ancient kindnes to my still-obscured
estate, though it cannot encrease my love to him, which hath ever been
entirely circulare; yet shall it encourage my deserts to their utmost
requitall, and make my hartie gratitude speake; to which the
unhappines of my life hath hetherto been
uncomfortable and painfull dumbnes.

By your Ladiships vowd in
most wished service:
George Chapman.

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