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Act Three, Scene Six

Enter [the] two Fryars.

1. Fryar
Oh brother, brother, all the Nuns are sicke,
And Physicke will not helpe them; they must dye.

2. Fryar
The Abbasse sent for me to be confest:
Oh what a sad confession will there be?

1. Fryer
And so did faire Maria send for me:
I'le to her lodging; hereabouts she lyes.
Enter Abigall.

2. Fryar
What, all dead save onely Abigall?

And I shall dye too, for I feele death comming.
Where is the Fryar that converst with me?

2. Fryar
Oh he is gone to see the other Nuns.

I sent for him, but seeing you are come
Be you my ghostly father; and first know,
That in this house I liv'd religiously,
Chast, and devout, much sorrowing for my sinnes,
But e're I came—

2. Fryar
What then?

I did offend high heaven so grievously,
As I am almost desperate for my sinnes:
And one offence torments me more then all.
You knew Mathias and Don Lodowicke?

2. Fryar
Yes, what of them?

My father did contract me to 'em both:
First to Don Lodowicke, him I never lov'd;
Mathias was the man that I held deare,
And for his sake did I become a Nunne.

2. Fryar
So, say how was their end?

Both jealous of my love, envied each other:
And by my father's practice, which is there
Set downe at large, the Gallants were both slaine.
[Gives paper.]

2. Fryar
Oh monstrous villany.

To worke my peace, this I confesse to thee;
Reveale it not, for then my father dyes.

2. Fryar
Know that Confession must not be reveal'd,
The Canon Law forbids it, and the Priest
That makes it knowne, being degraded first,
Shall be condemn'd, and then sent to the fire.

So I have heard; pray therefore keepe it close.
Death seizeth on my heart: ah gentle Fryar,
Convert my father that he may be sav'd,
And witnesse that I dye a Christian.

2. Fryar
I, and a Virgin too, that grieves me most:
But I must to the Jew and exclaime on him,
And make him stand in feare of me.
Enter 1. Fryar.

1. Fryar
Oh brother, all the Nuns are dead, let's bury them.

2. Fryar.
First helpe to bury this, then goe with me
And helpe me to exclaime against the Jew.

1. Fryar
Why? what has he done?

2. Fryar
A thing that makes me tremble to unfold.

1. Fryar
What, has he crucified a child?

2. Fryar
No, but a worse thing: 'twas told me in shrift,
Thou know'st 'tis death and if it be reveal'd.
Come let's away.

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