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Act Five, Scene Three

Enter Calymath, Bashawes.

Thus have we view'd the City, scene the sacke,
And caus'd the wines to be new repair'd,
Which with our Bombards shot and Basiliske,
We rent in sunder at our entry:
And now I see the Scituation,
And how secure this conquer'd Iland stands
Inviron'd with the mediterranean Sea,
Strong contermin'dwith other petty Iles;
And toward Calabria,back'd by Sicily,
Where Siracusian Dionisius reign'd,
Two lofty Turrets that command the Towne.
I wonder how it could be conquer'd thus?
Enter a Messenger.

From Barabas, Malta's Governor, I bring
A message unto mighty Calymath;
Hearing his Soveraigne was bound for Sea,
To saile to Turkey, to great Ottoman,
He humbly would intreat your Majesty
To come and see his homely Citadell,
And banquet with him e're thou leav'st the Ile.

To banquet with him in his Citadell?
I feare me, Messenger, to feast my traine
Within a Towne of warre so lately pillag'd,
Will be too costly and too troublesome:
Yet would I gladly visit Barabas,
For well has Barabas deserv'd of us.

Selim, for that, thus saith the Governor,
That he hath in store a Pearle so big,
So precious, and withall so orient,
As be it valued but indifferently,
The price thereof will serve to entertaine
Selim and all his souldiers for a month;
Therefore he humbly would intreat your Highnesse
Not to depart till he has feasted you.

I cannot feast my men in Malta wals,
Except he place his Tables in the streets.

Know, Selim, that there is a monastery
Which standeth as an out-house to the Towne;
There will he banquet them, but thee at home,
With all thy Bashawes and brave followers.

Well, tell the Governor we grant his suit,
Wee'll in this Summer Evening feast with him.

I shall, my Lord. Exit.

And now, bold Bashawes, let us to our Tents,
And meditate how we may grace us best
To solemnize our Governors great feast.

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