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Exultat, quod amica potitus sit

About my temples go triumphant bayes,
Conquer'd Corinna in my bosome layes.
She whom her husband, guard, and gate as foes,
Least Arte should winne her, firmely did inclose.
That victory doth chiefely triumph merit,
Which without bloud-shed doth the pray inherit.
No little ditched townes, no lowlie walles,
But to my share a captive damsell falles.
When Troy by ten yeares battle tumbled downe,
With the Atrides many gainde renowne.
But I no partner of my glory brooke,
Nor can an other say his helpe I tooke.
I guide and souldiour wunne the field and weare her,
I was both horse-man, foote-man, standard bearer.
Nor in my act hath fortune mingled chance,
O care-got triumph hetherwards advance.
Nor is my warres cause new, but for a Queene
Europe, and Asia in firme peace had beene.
The Laphithes, and the Centaures for a woman,
To cruell armes their drunken selves did summon.
A woman forc'd the Troyanes new to enter
Warres, just Latinus, in thy kingdomes center:
A woman against late-built Rome did send
The SabineFathers, who sharpe warres intend.
I saw how Bulls for a white Heifer strive,
Shee looking on them did more courage give.
And me with many, but yet me without murther,
Cupid commands to move his ensignes flirther.

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