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bill sb.2 (3 late exx. of this sense; 5 is very rare)
1. note, memorandum Shr. IV. iii. 145 “Error i' the bill,” Cæs. V. ii. 1.
2. draft of an act Wiv. II. i. 29, H5 I. i. 1.
3. list, catalogue, inventory MND. I. ii. 109 “a bill of properties,” Mac. III. i. 100.
4. note or account of charges Tim. III. iv. 50.
5. label AYL. I. ii. 132 “With bills on the necks.”
6. advertisement, placard Ado I. i. 39 “He set up his bills,” Cæs. IV. iii. 172 “bills of outlawry.”
7. = bill of exchange Wiv. I. i. 10, Shr. IV. ii. 89 “bills for money by exchange.”
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