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break (see also BROKEN)
1. to cut open (a person's head) Wiv. I. i. 126 “I broke your head,” Err. I. ii. 79 “I shall that merry sconce of yours,” II. i. 78 “I will thy pate across” ; similarly Rom. I. iii. 38 “the day before she broke her brow.”
2. to crack (a joke) Shr. IV. v. 72 “to break a jest Upon the company,” Troil. I. iii. 148; similarly Ado II. i. 154 “break a comparison or two upon me,” II. iii. 256 “remnants of wit broken on me.”
3. to reveal, disclose H5 V. ii. 264 “break thy mind to me,” 1H6 I. iii. 82, Mac. I. vii. 48 “break this enterprise to me” ; (hence) intr. construed with “with” or “to,” to make a revelation or disclosure Gent. III. i. 59 “to break with thee of some affairs,” Ado I. i. 319 “I will break with her, and with her father,” 336 “to her father will I break,” H8 V. i. 47.
4. to open (negotiations) Tit. V. iii. 19* “break the parle” (or ?=‘break off’).
5. to interrupt Wiv. III. iv. 22 “ their talk,” 2H4 IV. v. 65 “have broke their sleep with thoughts,” Ant. IV. xii. [xiv.] 31 “a tearing groan did break The name of Antony.”
6. to make docile, train “to” Err. III. i. 77 “thou wantest breaking,” Shr. II. i. 148 “break her to the lute?”
7. intr. to disband, disperse All'sW. IV. iv. 11.
8. to become bankrupt, fail Mer.V. III. i. 123, (quibblingly) Rom. III. ii. 57.
9. of darkness: to be dispersed by light R3 V. iii. 87.
10. intr. and pass. to fall out or quarrel (“with”) Gent. II. v. 19 “What, are they broken?” Cor. IV. vi. 49 “It cannot be The Volsces dare break with us.”
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