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hand sb. (the foll. obs. uses of phrases are found)
1. with preps.: “at ,” (i) at the beginning, at the start Cæs. IV. ii. 23 “like horses hot at ” ; (ii) by hand John V. ii. 75 “a lion foster'd up at ;—at” or “in any , of all h-s,” in any case LLL. IV. iii. 219 “Therefore, of all h-s must we be forsworn,” Shr. I. ii. 150 “see that at any ,” 229, All'sW. III. vi. 44 “in any ;—by this , by” one's own or another's “,” used freq. in asseverations Tp. III. ii. 57 “by this , I will supplant some of your teeth,” AYL. III. ii. 420 “by the white of Rosalind,” All'sW. III. vi. 75, 2H6 V. iii. 29 “by my , lords, 'twas a glorious day,” Troil. IV. i. 22 “By Venus' I swear,” Cor. IV. v. 156, Ven. 80; also “for my ” Shr. I. i. 193; “in” one's “,” led or held by one John II. i. 236, R3 IV. i. 2, H8 V. iii. 22, Cor. V. iii. 23, Tit. V. iii. 138; “brief in ,” shortly to be dispatched John IV. iii. 158; “in with,” occupied or engaged with Ven. 912 “In with all things, nought at all effecting;—of” one's “h-s,” in respect of one's actions or valour in fight Wiv. I. iv. 27, Wint. V. ii. 186 [178] “a tall fellow of thy h-s,” &c., 2H4 II. ii. 74; “out of ,” (i) at once 1H6 III. ii. 102, 3H6 IV. vii. 63, Tit. V. ii. 77; (ii) done with 2H4 III. i. 107 “were these inward wars once out of ;—unto thy ,” ready for thee Ant. IV. xii. [xiv.] 29
2. with verbs: “bear in ” (freq.), to delude (a person) with false hopes or pretences, pretend or profess to do something Meas. I. iv. 52, Ado IV. i. 309, Shr. IV. ii. 3, Mac. III. i. 81, Ham. II. ii. 67; “give me your h-s,” applaud MND. V. ii. 68 [i. 444]; “had . . . by the ,” secured 2H4 I. iii. 21; “have . . . in ” have to do with Tw.N. I. iii. 70; “holds h-s with,” is the equal of John II. i. 494; “lay on heart,” reflect Rom. III. v. 192; “made a fine ” or “fair h-s,” succeeded, done well H8 V. iv. 76, Cor. IV. vi. 118; “take (join, close) h-s” refer to the ceremony in the marriage service Ado IV. i. 310, V. iv. 56, AYL. V. iv. 135, Wint. IV. iii. [iv.] 374, 396, John II. i. 532-3; “will to ,” call for execution Mac. III. iv. 139.
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