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occasion (3 only S.)
1. opportunity for attacking or fault-finding John IV. ii. 62 “To grace occasions” ; (?) AYL. IV. i. 184* (see 3 below).
2. cause, reason (freq.); sometimes passes into ‘cause of being occupied or detained, business’ Ado I. i. 157, Tim. III. vi. 12; “on . . . occasion,” for a . . . reason Tw.N. II. i. 44, R3 III. i. 26, Oth. IV. i. 59, Lucr. 1270.
3. that which is occasioned AYL. IV. i. 184* “that woman that cannot make her fault her husband's ” (=‘represent her fault as occasioned by her husband’, J.).
4. particular or personal need or requirement Mer.V. I. i. 140 “my . . . means Lie all unlock'd to your o-s,” Tim, III. ii. 26, Cym. V. v. 87 “So tender over his o-”
5. course of events John IV. ii. 125 “With hold thy speed, dreadful !,” 2H4 IV. i. 72 “the rough torrent of ”
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