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quality (the commonest sense is ‘character, disposition, nature’ of person or things)
1. good natural gifts Troil. IV. iv. 76* “The Grecian youths are full of quality.”
2. accomplishment, attainment Gent. III. i. 272 “She hath more qualities than a water-spaniel,” Tim. I. i. 126 “I have bred her . . . In qualities of the best,” Per. IV. ii. 50.
3. rank, position All'sW. I. iii. 120 “only where qualities were level,” 2H4 IV. i. 11, Lr. V. iii. 122; high rank H5 IV. viii. 95, Lr. V. iii. 111.
4. profession, occupation, business Gent. IV. i. 58, Meas. II. i. 60 “what are they of?,” H5 III. vi. 149, Ham. II. ii. 371 [363], 461 [452]* “give us a taste of your quality.”
5. party, side (S.) 1H4 IV. iii. 36.
6. manner, style (S.) Mer.V. III. ii. 6 “Hate counsels not in such a quality,” H8 I. ii. 84, Lr. II. iv. 139.
7. nature, with reference to origin, (hence) cause, occasion Troil. IV. i. 44 “the whole wherefore,” Tim. III. vi. 118 “the quality of Lord Timon's fury.”
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