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question sb. (2 cf. QUESTION vb. 2)
1. phr. “in ,” (i) under judicial examination, on trial Ado III. iii. 190 “A commodity in ” (? quibble on the meaning ‘in demand’), Wint. V. i. 198, 2H4 I. ii. 67 “He that was in for the robbery” ; (ii) under consideration, to be considered Meas. I. i. 46 “Though first in question,” H5 I. i. 5, Cym. I. i. 34 “besides this gentleman in question. call in ,” (i) inquire into, examine, consider AYL. V. ii. 6 “Neither call the giddiness of it in ,” Troil. III. ii. 58, Rom. I. i. 235, Cæs. IV. iii. 164 “call in our necessities,” Ham. IV. v. 217; (ii) raise doubts concerning Tw.N. I. iv. 6 “you call in the continuance of his love,” Troil. IV. iv. 84. The foll. are all used=without doubt, no doubt:— “no ” Meas. III. ii. 150, 2H6 IV. ii. 64, Oth. IV. iii. 64; “out of ” Ado II. i. 348, H5 V. i. 48; “past ” Tw.N. I. iii. 106; “sans ” LLL. V. i. 93; “in contempt of ” Tw.N. II. v. 99.
2. talk, conversation AYL. III. iv. 37 “I . . . had much with him,” 2H4 I. i. 48 “Staying no longer ,” Ham. III. i. 13 “Niggard of question,” Oth. I. iii. 113.
3. (?) trial Oth. I. iii. 23* “with more facile question.”
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