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The first then of these blessings, which God hath ioyntly with my Person sent vnto you, is outward Peace: that is, peace abroad with all forreine neighbours: for I thanke God I may iustly say, that neuer since I was a King, I either receiued wrong of any other Christian Prince or State, or did wrong to any: I haue euer, I praise God, yet kept Peace and amitie with all, which hath bene so farre tyed to my person, as at my comming here you are witnesses I found the State embar- qued in a great and tedious warre, and onely by mine arriuall here, and by the Peace in my Person, is now amitie kept, where warre was before, which is no smal blessing to a Christian Common-wealth: for by Peace abroad with their neigh- bours the Townes flourish, the Merchants become rich, the Trade doeth encrease, and the people of all sorts of the Land enioy free libertie to exercise themselues in their seuerall vocations without perill or disturbance. Not that I thinke this out- ward Peace so vnseparably tyed to my Person, as I dare assuredly promise to my selfe and to you, the certaine continuance thereof: but thus farre I can very well assure you, and in the word of a King promise vnto you, That I shall neuer giue the first occasion of the breach thereof, neither shall I euer be moued for any par- ticular or priuate passion of mind to interrupt your publique Peace, except I be forced thereunto, either for reparation of the honour of the Kingdom, or else by necessitie for the weale and preseruation of the same: In which case, a secure and honourable warre must be preferred to an vnsecure and dishonourable Peace: yet doe I hope by my experience of the by-past blessings of Peace, which God hath so long euer since my Birth bestowed vpon mee, that hee wil not be weary to continue the same, nor repent him of his grace towards me, transferring that sentence of King Dauids vpon his by-past victories of warre, to mine of Peace, That, that God who preserued me from the deuouring iawes of the Beare and of the Lion, and deliuered them into my hands, shall also now grant me victory ouer that vncircumcised Philistine.

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