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Euen as the Sadlers next ende is to make a good Saddle, but his further ende, to serue a nobler facultie, which is horsmanship, so the horsemans to souldiery: and the souldier not onely to haue the skill, but to performe the practise of a souldier. So that the ending end of all earthly learning, being verteous action, those skils that most serue to bring forth that, haue a most iust title to be Princes ouer al the rest: wherin if we can shew, the Poet is worthy to haue it before any other competitors: among whom principally to challenge it, step forth the moral Philosophers, whom me thinkes I see comming towards me, with a sullain grauitie, as though they could not abide vice by day-light, rudely cloathed, for to witnesse outwardly their contempt of outward things, with bookes in their hands against glorie, whereto they set their names: sophistically speaking against subtiltie, and angry with any man in whom they see the foule fault of anger. These men casting larges as they go of definitions, diuitions, and distinctions, with a scornful interrogatiue, do soberly aske, whether it be possible to find any path so ready to lead a man to vertue, as that which teacheth what vertue is, & teacheth it not only by deliuering forth his very being, his causes and effects, but also by making knowne his enemie vice, which must be destroyed, and his combersome seruant passion, which must be mastred: by shewing the generalities that contains it, and the specialities that are deriued from it.

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