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For that a fained example hath as much force to teach, as a true example (for as for to mooue, it is cleare, since the fained may be tuned to the highest key of passion) let vs take one example wherein an Historian and a Poet did concurre. Herodotus and Iustin doth both testifie, that Zopirus, King Darius faithfull seruant, seeing his maister long resisted by the rebellious Babilonians, fained himselfe in extreame disgrace of his King, for verifying of which, he caused his owne nose and eares to be cut off, and so flying to the Babylonians was receiued, and for his knowne valure so farre creadited, that hee did finde meanes to deliuer them ouer to Darius. Much like matter doth Liuy record of Tarquinius, and his sonne. Xenophon excellently faineth such an other Stratageme, performed by Abradates in Cyrus behalfe. Now would I faine knowe, if occasion be presented vnto you, to serue your Prince by such an honest dissimulation, why you do not as well learne it of Xenophons fiction, as of the others veritie: and truly so much the better, as you shall saue your nose by the bargaine. For Abradates did not coun- terfeyt so farre.

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