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Now therein of all Sciences I speake still of humane (and according to the humane conceit) is our Poet the Monarch. For hee doth not onely shew the way, but giueth so sweete a prospect into the way, as will entice anie man to enter into it: Nay he doth as if your iourney should lye through a faire vineyard, at the verie first, giue you a cluster of grapes, that full of that taste, you may long to passe further. Hee beginneth not with obscure definitions, which must blurre the margent with interpretations, and loade the memorie with doubtfulnesse: but hee commeth to you with words set in delightfull proportion, either accompanied with, or prepared for the well enchanting skill of Musicke, and with a tale forsooth he commeth vnto you, with a tale, which holdeth children from play, and olde men from the Chimney corner ; and pretending no more, doth intend the winning of the minde from wickednes to vertue; euen as the child is often brought to take most wholesome things by hiding them in such other as haue a pleasaunt taste: which if one should begin to tell them the nature of the Alloes or Rhabarbarum they should receiue, wold sooner take their phisick at their eares then at their mouth, so is it in men (most of which, are childish in the best things, til they be cradled in their graues) glad they will be to heare the tales of Hercules, Achilles, Cyrus, Aeneas, and hearing them, must needes heare the right description of wisdom, value, and iustice; which if they had bene barely (that is to say Philosophically) set out, they would sweare they be brought to schoole againe ; that imitation whereof Poetrie is, hath the most conueniencie to nature of al other: insomuch that as Aristotle saith, those things which in themselues are horrible, as cruel battailes, vnnatural monsters, are made in poeticall imitation, delightfull.

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