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Infinit proofes of the straunge effects of this Poeticall inuention, might be alleaged: onely two shall serue, which are so often remembred, as I thinke all men know them. The one of Menemus Agrippa, who when the whole people of Rome had resolutely diuided themselues from the Senate, with apparant shew of vtter ruine, though he were for that time an excellent Orator, came not among them vpon trust either of figuratiue speeches, or cunning insinuations, and much lesse with farre fet Maximes of Philosophie, which especially if they were Platonicke, they must haue learned Geometrie before they could well haue conceiued: but forsooth, he behaueth himselfe like a homely and familiar Poet. He telleth them a tale, that there was a time, when all the parts of the bodie made a mutinous conspiracie against the belly, which they thought deuoured the frutes of each others labour: they concluded they would let so vnprofitable a spender starue. In the end, to be short, for the tale is notorious, and as notorious that it was a tale, with punishing the belly they plagued themselues ; this applied by him, wrought such effect in the people, as I neuer red, that onely words brought foorth: but then so suddaine and so good an alteration, for vpon reasonable conditions, a perfect reconcilement ensued. The other is of Nathan the Prophet, who when the holie Dauid, had so farre forsaken God, as to confirme Adulterie with murther, when he was to do the tendrest office of a friend, in laying his owne shame before his eyes; sent by God to call againe so chosen a seruant, how doth he it? but by telling of a man whose beloued lambe was vngratefully taken from his bosome. The Application most diuinely true, but the discourse it selfe fained; which made Dauid (I speake of the second and instrumentall cause) as in a glasse see his owne filthinesse, as that heauenly Psalme of mercie well testifieth. By these therefore examples and reasons, I thinke it may be manifest, that the Poet with that same hand of delight, doth draw the mind more effectually then any other Art doth.

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