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Now in his parts, kindes, or species, as you list to tearme them, it is to be noted, that some Poesies haue coupled togither two or three kindes, as the Tragicall and Comicall, whereupon is risen the Tragicomicall, some in the maner haue mingled prose and verse, as Sanazara and Boetius; some haue mingled matters Heroicall and Pastorall, but that commeth all to one in this question, for if seuered they be good, the coniunction cannot be hurtfull: therefore perchance forgetting some, and leauing some as needlesse to be remembred. It shall not bee amisse, in a word to cite the speciall kindes, to see what faults may be found in the right vse of them. Is it then the Pastorall Poeme which is misliked ? (For perchance where the hedge is lowest they will soonest leape ouer) is the poore pipe disdained, which somtimes out of Mælibeus mouth, can shewe the miserie of people, vnder hard Lords and rauening souldiers? And again by Titerus, what blessednesse is deriued, to them that lie lowest, from the goodnesse of them that sit highest ? Sometimes vnder the prettie tales of Woolues and sheepe, can enclude the whole considerations of wrong doing and patience; sometimes shew that contentions for trifles, can get but a trifling victory, wher perchance a man may see, that euen Alexander & Darius, when they straue who should be Cocke of this worldes dunghill, the benefit they got, was, that the afterliuers may say, “Haec memini et victum frustra contendere Thirsim.
Ex illo Coridon, Coridon est tempore nobis.

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