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Is it the Lyricke that moste displeaseth, who with his tuned Lyre and well accorded voice, giueth praise, the reward of vertue, to vertuous acts ? who giueth morall preceptes and naturall Problemes, who sometime raiseth vp his voyce to the height of the heauens, in singing the laudes of the immortall God ? Certainly I must confesse mine owne barbarousnesse, I neuer heard the old Song of Percy and Duglas, that I founde not my heart mooued more then with a Trumpet ; and yet is it sung but by some blinde Crowder, with no rougher voyce, then rude stile: which being so euill apparelled in the dust and Cobwebbes of that vnciuill age, what would it worke, trimmed in the gorgious eloquence of Pindare? In Hungarie I haue seene it the manner at all Feastes and other such like meetings, to haue songs of their ancestors valure, which that right souldierlike nation, think one of the chiefest kindlers of braue courage. The incomperable Lacedemonians, did not onelie carrie that kinde of Musicke euer with them to the field, but euen at home, as such songs were made, so were they all content to be singers of them: when the lustie men were to tell what they did, the old men what they had done, and the yoong what they would doo. And where a man may say that Pindare many times praiseth highly Victories of small moment, rather matters of sport then vertue, as it may be answered, it was the fault of thePoet , and not of the Poetrie; so indeed the chiefe fault was, in the time and custome of the Greekes, who set those toyes at so high a price, that Phillip of Macedon reckoned a horse-race wonne at Olympus, among his three fearefull felicities. But as the vnimitable Pindare often did, so is that kind most capable and most fit, to awake the thoughts from the sleepe of idlenesse, to embrace honourable enterprises.

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