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Yea as Horace saith, Melius Chrisippo et Crantore: but truly I imagin it falleth out with these Poet-whippers, as with some good women who often are sicke, but in faith they cannot tel where. So the name of Poetrie is odious to them, but neither his cause nor effects, neither the summe that containes him, nor the particularities descending from him, giue any fast handle to their carping dispraise. Since then Poetrie is of al humane learnings the most ancient, and of most fatherly antiquitie, as from whence other learnings haue taken their beginnings ; Since it is so vniuersall, that no learned nation doth despise it, nor barbarous nation is without it; Since both Romane & Greeke gaue such diuine names vnto it, the one of prophesying, the other of making ; and that indeed that name of making is fit for him, considering, that where all other Arts retain themselues within their subiect, and receiue as it were their being from it. The Poet onely, onely bringeth his own stuffe, and doth not learn a Conceit out of a matter, but maketh matter for a Conceit. Since neither his description, nor end, containing any euill, the thing described cannot be euil; since his effects be so good as to teach goodnes, and delight the learners of it; since therein (namely in morall doctrine the chiefe of all knowledges) hee doth not onely farre passe the Historian, but for instructing is well nigh comparable to the Philosopher, for mouing, leaueth him behind him. Since the holy scripture (wherein there is no vncleannesse) hath whole parts in it Poeticall, and that euen our Sauior Christ vouchsafed to vse the flowers of it: since all his kindes are not onely in their vnited formes, but in their seuered dissections fully commendable, I thinke, ( and thinke I thinke rightly ) the Lawrell Crowne appointed for tryumphant Captaines, doth worthily of all other learnings, honour the Poets triumph.

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