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But bicause we haue eares as well as toongs, and that the lightest reasons that may be, will seeme to waigh greatly, if nothing be put in the counterballance, let vs heare, and as well as we can, ponder what obiections be made against this Art, which may be woorthie either of yeelding, or answering. First truly I note, not onely in these μισομοῦσοι, Poet-haters, but in all that kind of people who seek a praise, by dispraising others, that they do prodigally spend a great many wandring words in quips and scoffes, carping and taunting at each thing, which by sturring the spleene, may staie the brain from a through beholding the worthinesse of the subiect. Those kind of obiections, as they are full or a verie idle easinesse, since there is nothing of so sacred a maiestie, but that an itching toong may rub it selfe vpon it, so deserue they no other answer, but in steed of laughing at the ieast, to laugh at the ieaster. We know a playing wit can praise the discretion of an Asse, the comfortablenes of being in debt, and the iolly commodities of being sicke of the plague. So of the contrary side, if we will turne Ouids verse, Vt lateat virtus, prox imitate mali, that good lye hid, in nearnesse of the euill. Agrippa will be as mery in shewing the vanitie of Science, as Erasmus was in the commending of folly: neither shal any man or matter, escape some touch of these smiling Raylers. But for Erasmus and Agrippa, they had an other foundation then the superficiall part would promise. Marry these other pleasaunt fault-finders, who will correct the Verbe, before they vnderstand the Nowne, and confute others knowledge, before they confirme their owne, I would haue them onely remember, that scoffing commeth not of wisedome ; so as the best title in true English they get with their meriments, is to be called good fooles: for so haue our graue forefathers euer tearmed that humorous kinde of iesters.

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