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Of the other side, who would shew the honours haue bene by the best sort of iudgements graunted them, a whole sea of examples woulde present themselues; Alexanders, Cæsars, Scipioes, all fauourers of Poets: Lælius, called the Romane Socrates himselfe a Poet ; so as part of Heautontimoroumenon in Terrace, was supposed to bee made by him. And euen the Greeke Socrates, whome Appollo confirmed to bee the onely wise man, is said to haue spent part of his olde time in putting Esopes Fables into verses. And therefore full euill should it become his scholler Plato, to put such words in his maisters mouth against Poets. But what needs more? Aristotle writes the Arte of Poesie, and why, if it should not bee written ? Plutarche teacheth the vse to bee gathered of them, and how, if they should not bee reade ? And who reades Plutarches either Historie or Philosophie, shall finde hee trimmeth both their garments with gardes of Poesie. But I list not to defend Poesie with the helpe of his vnderling Historiographie. Let it suffice to haue shewed, it is a fit soyle for praise to dwell vppon: and what dispraise may set vppon it, is either easily ouercome, or transformed into iust commendation. So that since the excellencies of it, may bee so easily and so iustly confirmed, and the lowe creeping obiections so soone trodden downe, it not beeing an Art of lyes, but of true doctrine; not of effeminatenesse, but of notable stirring of courage; not of abusing mans wit, but of strengthening mans wit;not banished, but honored by Plato; Let vs rather plant more Lawrels for to ingarland the Poets heads (which honor of being Lawreate, as besides them onely triumphant Captaines were, is a sufficient authoritie to shewe the price they ought to bee held in ) then suffer the ill sauoured breath of such wrong speakers once to blow vppon the cleare springs of Poesie.

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