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But since I haue runne so long a Carrier in this matter, methinkes before I giue my penne a full stoppe, it shall be but a litle more lost time, to enquire why England the Mother of excellent mindes should be growne so hard a stepmother to Poets, who certainely in wit ought to passe all others, since all onely proceedes from their wit, beeing indeed makers of themselues, not takers of others. How can I but exclaime. Musa mihi causas memoria quo numine laeso, Sweete Poesie that hath aunciently had Kings, Emperours, Senatours, great Captaines, such as besides a thousandes others, Dauid, Adrian, Sophocles, Germanicus, not onelie to fauour Poets, but to bee Poets: and of our nearer times, can present for her Patrons, a Robert King of Scicill, the great King Fraunces of Fraunce, King Iames of Scotland; such Cardinalls as Bembus, and Bibiena ; suche famous Preachers and Teachers, as Beza and Melanchthon; so learned Philosophers, as Fracastorius, and Scaliger ; so great Orators, as Pontanus, and Muretus ; so pearcing wits, as George Buchanan; so graue Cousailours, as besides manie, but before all, the Hospitall of Fraunce ; then whome I thinke that Realme neuer brought forth a more accomplished iudgement, more firmly builded vpon vertue: I say these with numbers of others, not onely to read others Poesies, but to poetise for others reading ; that Poesie thus embraced in all other places, should onely finde in our time a hard welcome in England. I thinke the verie earth laments it, and therefore deckes our soyle with fewer Lawrels then it was accustomed. For heretofore, Poets haue in England also flourished: and which is to be noted, euen in those times when the Trumpet of Mars did sound lowdest.

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