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But I that before euer I durst aspire vnto the dignitie, am admitted into the companie of the Paper-blurrers, do finde the verie true cause of our wanting estimation, is want of desert, taking vppon vs to be Poets, in despite of Pallas. Now wherein we want desert, were a thankwoorthie labour to expresse. But if I knew I should haue mended my selfe, but as I neuer desired the title, so haue I neglected the meanes to come by it, onely ouer-mastered by some thoughts, I yeelded an inckie tribute vnto them. Marrie they that delight in Poesie it selfe, should seek to know what they do, and how they do: and especially looke themselues in an vnflattering glasse of reason, if they be enclinable vnto it. For Poesie must not be drawne by the eares, it must be gently led, or rather it must lead, which was partly the cause that made the auncient learned affirme, it was a diuine gift & no humane skil; since all other knowledges lie readie for anie that haue strength of wit: A Poet no industrie can make, if his owne Genius be not carried into it. And therefore is an old Prouerbe, Orator fit, Poeta nascitur.

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