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Other sort of Poetrie, almost haue we none, but that Lyricall kind of Songs and Sonets ; which Lord, if he gaue vs so good mindes, how well it might be employed, and with how heauenly fruites, both priuate and publike, in singing the praises of the immortall bewtie, the immortall goodnes of that God, who giueth vs hands to write, and wits to conceiue: of which we might wel want words, but neuer matter, of which we could turne our eyes to nothing, but we should euer haue new budding occasions. But truly many of such writings as come vnder the banner of vnresistable loue, if I were a mistresse, would neuer perswade mee they were in loue: so coldly they applie firie speeches, as men that had rather redde louers writings, and so caught vp certaine swelling Phrases, which hang togither like a man that once tolde me the winde was at Northwest and by South, because he would be sure to name winds inough, then that in truth they feele those passions, which easily as I thinke, may be bewraied by that same forciblenesse or Euergia, (as the Greeks call it of the writer). But let this be a sufficient, though short note, that we misse the right vse of the materiall point of Poesie.

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