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Now for the outside of it, which is words, or (as I may tearme it) Diction, it is euen well worse: so is it that hony-flowing Matrone Eloquence, apparrelled, or rather disguised, in a Courtisanlike painted affectation. One time with so farre fet words, that many seeme monsters, but must seeme straungers to anie poore Englishman: an other time with coursing of a letter, as if they were bound to follow the method of a Dictionary: an other time with figures and flowers extreemly winter-starued. But I would this fault were onely peculiar to Versefiers, and had not as large possession among Prose-Printers: and which is to be meruailed among many Schollers, & which is to be pitied among some Preachers. Truly I could wish, if at least I might be so bold to wish, in a thing beyond the reach of my capacity, the diligent Imitators of Tully & Demosthenes, most worthie to be imitated, did not so much keepe Nizolian paper bookes, of their figures and phrases, as by attentiue translation, as it were, deuoure them whole, and make them wholly theirs. For now they cast Suger and spice vppon euerie dish that is serued to the table: like those Indians, not content to weare eare-rings at the fit and naturall place of the eares, but they will thrust Iewels through their nose and lippes, because they will be sure to be fine. Tully when he was to driue out Cataline, as it were with a thunderbolt of eloquence, often vseth the figure of repitition, as Viuit et vincit, imo insenatum, Venit imo, in senatum venit, &c. Indeede enflamed, with a well grounded rage, hee would haue his words ( as it were) double out of his mouth, and so do that artificially, which we see men in choller doo naturally. And we hauing noted the grace of those words, hale them in sometimes to a familiar Epistle, when it were too much choller to be chollericke.

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