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Aspéct, subst. 1) look, glance: “some other mistress hath thy sweet --s,” Err. II, 2, 113. “render'd such a. as cloudy men use to their adversaries,” H4A III, 2, 82. “there would he anchor his a.” Ant. I, 5, 33.
2) look, air, countenance: “whose grim a. sets every joint a shaking.” Lucr. 452. “if you will jest with me, know my a.” Err. II, 2, 32. “declining their rich a. to the hot breath of Spain,” Err. III, 2, 139. “of such vinegar a.” Merch. I, 1, 54. “this a. of mine hath feared the valiant,” II, 1, 8. “what strange effect would they work in mild a.” As IV, 3, 53. “a nuncio of more grave a.” Tw. I, 4, 28. “that close a. of his does show the mood of a much troubled breast,” John IV, 2, 72. “taking note of thy abhorred a.” John IV, 2, 72 “thy sad a.” R2 I, 3, 209. “lend the eye a terrible a.” H5 III, 1, 9. “with an a. of iron,” V, 2, 244. “his grim a.” H6A II, 3, 20. “whose ugly and unnatural a.” R3 I, 2, 23. “shamed their a. with store of childish drops,” R3 I, 2, 23 “'tis his a. of terror,” H8 V, 1, 89. “that smile we would aspire to, that sweet a. of princes,” III, 2, 369. “my young boy hath an a. of intercession,” Cor. V, 3, 32. “put on a most importunate a.” Tim. II, 1, 28. “tears in his eyes, distraction in's a.” Hml. II, 2, 581.
3) view, sight: “ravish doters with a false a.” LLL IV, 3, 260. “our arms, save in a., hath all offence sealed up,” John II, 250. “the dire a. of civil wounds,” R2 I, 3, 127.
4) the peculiar position and influence of a planet: “where mortal stars, as bright as heaven's beauties, with pure --s did him peculiar duties,” Lucr. 14. “till whatsoever star that guides my moving points on me graciously with fair a.” Sonn. 26, 10. “some ill planet reigns: I must be patient till the heavens look with an a. more favourable,” Wint. II, 1, 107. “malevolent to you in all --s,” H4A I, 1, 97. “corrects the ill --s of planets evil,” Troil. I, 3, 92 (Q influence). “under the allowance of your great a.” Lr. II, 2, 112.
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