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Address, vb. 1) tr. a) to direct: “toward that shade I might behold --ed the king,” LLL V, 2, 92. “a. your love and might to honour Helen,” Mids. II, 2, 143. “a. thy gait unto her,” Tw. I, 4, 15. “unto your grace I a. the substance of my speech,” H4B IV, 1, 31.
b) to prepare, to make ready: “Duke Frederick --ed a mighty power,” As V, 4, 162. “all imminence that gods and men a. their dangers in,” Troil. V, 10, 14. “in your armours, as you are --ed,” Per. II, 3, 94 (or == dress?). Partic. --ed == ready: “--ed to answer his desire,” Lucr. 1606. LLL II, 83. Mids. V, 107. H4B IV, 4, 5. H5 III, 3, 58. Caes. III, 1, 29. Reflectively == to make one's self ready: “I will then a. me to my appointment,” Wiv. III, 5, 135. Merch. II, 9, 19. Alls III, 6, 103. Wint. IV, 4, 53. H6B V, 2, 27. Mcb. II, 2, 24. Hml. I, 2, 216.
2) intr. a) to direct one's speech to: “we first a. towards you,” Lr. I, 1, 193. b) to get ready: “let us a. to tend on Hector's heels,” Troil. IV, 4, 148.
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