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Conveyance, 1) the act of transporting or carrying away, conduct, convoy: “madest quick c. with her good aunt Anne,” R3 IV, 4, 283 (soon foundest means to send her off, to get rid of her; cf. def. 5). “to his c. I assign my wife,” Oth. I, 3, 286.
2) means of transporting: “bethink you of some c.” Wiv. III, 3, 135. these pipes and these --s of our blood (viz the veins) Cor. V, 1, 54.
3) the act or deed by which a right or property is transferred, a grant: “craves the c. of a promised march over his kingdom,” Hml. IV, 4, 3 (according to others == to be convoyed by Danish troops). “the very --s of his lands will hardly lie in this box,” V, 1, 119.
4) artful management, jugglery: “huddling jest upon jest with such impossible c. upon me,” Ado II, 1, 253.
5) dishonest practice, trickery: “since Henry's death, I fear, there is c.” H6A I, 3, 2. “till I make king Lewis behold thy sly c. and thy lord's false love,” H6C III, 3, 160.
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