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Cap, subst., a garment to cover the head; worn as well by women (Ado III, 4, 72. LLL II, 209. Shr. IV, 3, 55. Shr. IV, 3, 55 V, 2, 121. All's I, 1, 170. H4B II, 4, 298. Oth. IV, 3, 74) as by men: “not one man but he will wear his c. with suspicion,” Ado I, 1, 200 (on account of the horns hidden under it). “fling up his c.” H6B IV, 8, 15. “he that throws not up his c. for joy,” H6C II, 1, 196. “hurled up their --s,” R3 III, 7, 35. “they threw their --s,” Cor. I, 1, 216. “take my c., Jupiter,” II, 1, 115. “--s, hands and tongues applaud it,” Hml. IV, 5, 107. “they cast their --s up and carouse together,” Ant. IV, 12, 12. there's my c. (viz. thrown into the air) II, 7, 141. “our masters may throw their --s at their money,” Tim. III, 4, 102 (== they may whistle for it). -- “worn in the c. of a tooth-drawer,” LLL V, 2, 622. “you should wear it in your c.” Shr. III, 4, 72. “thou art fitter to be worn in my c.” H4B I, 2, 17. “do not you wear your dagger in your c.” H5 IV, 1, 57. this (glove) “will I also wear in my c.” H5 IV, 1, 57 “wear it for an honour in thy c.” IV, 8, 63. “good men's lives expire before the flowers in their --s,” Mcb. IV, 3, 172. “wore gloves in my c.” Lr. III, 4, 88. Figuratively: “they wear themselves in the c. of the time,” All's II, 1, 55 (== are the ornaments of the age). “a very riband in the c. of youth,” Hml. IV, 7, 79. -- “put off's c.” All's II, 2, 10. “as ready as a borrower's c.” H4B II, 2, 125. “the c. plays in the right hand,” Tim. II, 1, 18. “I have ever held my c. off to thy fortunes,” Ant. II, 7, 63. “came in with c. and knee,” H4A IV, 3, 68 (i. e. with bare heads and bows). “ambitious for poor knaves' --s and legs,” Cor. II, 1, 77. “c. and knee slaves,” Tim. III, 6, 107. “such gain the c. of him,” Cymb. III, 3, 25.*-- “a c. of flowers,” Pilgr. 363 (not Sh.'s poem). “a baby's c.” Shr. IV, 3, 67 etc.
Cap == cardinal's hat: “he'll make his c. coequal with the crown,” H6A V, 1, 33. “let his grace go forward, and dare us with his c. like larks,” H8 III, 2, 282.
Figuratively == the top: “thou art the c. of all the fools alive,” Tim. IV, 3, 363 (with an allusion, perhaps, to the fool's cap). cf. “on fortune's c. we are not the very button,” Hml. II, 2, 233.
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