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Creep, 1) to move with the belly to the ground: “the snail . . . fearing to c. forth,” Ven. 1036. “the little worms that c.” Lucr. 1248. “love will c. in service where it cannot go,” Gent. IV, 2, 20. “the smallest mouse that --s on floor,” Mids. V, 223. “any --ing venomed thing,” R3 I, 2, 20. “he's more than a --ing thing,” Cor. V, 4, 14. “no sooner was I crept out of my cradle,” H6B IV, 9, 3. “from forth the kennel of thy womb hath crept a hell-hound,” R3 IV, 4, 47.
2) to move slowly or feebly: “the poor, lame, blind, halt, c., cry out for thee,” Lucr. 902. “see time, how slow it --s,” Lucr. 902 “the --ing hours of time,” As II, 7, 112. “c. like shadows by him,” Wint. II, 3, 34. “c. time ne'er so slow,” John III, 3, 31. “--s in this petty pace from day to day,” Mcb. V, 5, 20. “--ing like snail unwillingly to school,” As II, 7, 146. “she --s; her motion and her station are as one,” Ant. III, 3, 21.
3) to move with servility and bending down: “to come as humbly as they used to c. to holy altars,” Troil. III, 3, 73.
4) to move stealthily or imperceptibly: “which drives the --ing thief to some regard,” Lucr. 305. Lucr. 305 Lucr. 305 “time whose millioned accidents c. in 'twixt vows,” Sonn. 115, 6. “what incidency of harm is --ing toward me,” Wint. I, 2, 404. “as wild geese that the --ing fowler eye,” Mids. III, 2, 20. “till o'er their brows death-counterfeiting sleep with leaden legs and batty wings doth c.” Mids. III, 2, 20 “the deep of night is crept upon our talk,” Caes. IV, 3, 226. -- Used of the motion of the air and sounds: “this music crept by me upon the waters,” Tp. I, 2, 391. “those dulcet sounds that c. into the dreaming bridegroom's ear,” Merch. III, 2, 52. “let the sounds of music c. in our ears,” V, 56. “the invisible and --ing wind,” H5 III Chor. H5 III Chor. --ing murmur and the poring dark fills the wide vessel of the universe, IV Chor. H5 III Chor.
5) to get into a hiding-place: “in thy weak hive a wandering wasp hath crept,” Lucr. 839. “my best way is to c. under his gaberdine,” Tp. II, 2, 40. “he may c. in here,” Wiv. III, 3, 138. Wiv. III, 3, 138 III, 5, 148. IV, 2, 56. IV, 2, 56 “c. in crannies,” Err. II, 2, 31. “now will he c. into sedges,” Ado II, 1, 209. “his jesting spirit is crept into a lute-string,” III, 2, 61. “c. into acorn-cups,” Mids. II, 1, 31. “the moon may through the centre c.” III, 2, 54. “I could have crept into any alderman's thumb-ring,” H4A II, 4, 364. “the day is crept into the bosom of the sea,” H6B IV, 1, 2. “to make thy sepulchre and c. into it far before thy time,” H6C I, 1, 237. “in those holes . . . there were crept reflecting gems,” R3 I, 4, 30. “in the basket c.” Hml. III, 4, 195.

6) to get to or into a place or thing secretly and unexpectedly: “are you crept before us?” Gentl. IV, 2, 18. “are you crept hither to see the wrestling?” As I, 2, 165. “the marriage with his brother's wife has crept too near his conscience; no, his conscience has crept too near another lady,” H8 II, 2, 18. “how comes it he is to sojourn with you? how --s acquaintance?” Cymb. I, 4, 25 (a very odd expression; == how does acquaintance come to be between you?). “the idea of her life shall sweetly c. into his study of imagination,” Ado IV, 1, 226. “I feel this youth's perfections to c. in at mine eyes,” Tw. I, 5, 317. cf. “you shall secretly into the bosom c. of that same noble prelate,” H4A I, 3, 266. “I am crept in favour with myself,” R3 I, 2, 259. “Pompey --s apace into the hearts of such,” Ant. I, 3, 50. “reproach and beggary is crept into the palace of our king,” H6B IV, 1, 102. “how some men c. in skittish Fortune's hall, whiles others play the idiots in her eyes,” Troil. III, 3, 134. “as if that whatsoever god who leads him were slily crept into his human powers and gave him graceful posture,” Cor. II, 1, 236. “whilst emulation in the army crept,” Troil. II, 2, 212. “lust and liberty c. in the minds and marrows of our youth,” Tim. IV, 1, 26. And inversely: “c. into the jaundice by being peevish,” Merch. I, 1, 85.
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