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Current, subst. 1) the flowing, the progressive motion of water: “a river running from a fount with brinish c.,” Compl. 284. “this stream through muddy passages hath held his c.” R2 V, 3, 63. H5 I, 1, 34 (F1 currance). R3 II, 2, 68. Used of the sea: “on such a full sea are we now, and we must take the c. when it serves,” Caes. IV, 3, 223. “the Pontic sea, whose icy c. . . .,” Oth. III, 3, 454. Figuratively: “enterprises of great pith and moment with this regard their --s turn awry,” Hml. III, 1, 87.
2) stream, river: “thus ebbs and flows the c. of her sorrow,” Lucr. 1569. “the c. that with gentle murmur slides,” Gentl. II, 7, 25 (masc. v. 28). Meas. III, 1, 251. John II, 335. John II, 335 R2 III, 3, 108. H4A I, 3, 192. III, 1, 101. Cor. III, 1, 96. Tim. I, 1, 24. Oth. IV, 2, 59.
3) course: “to excuse the c. of thy cruelty,” Merch. IV, 1, 64. “and all the c. of a heady fight,” H4A II, 3, 58 (Qq currents). “in the corrupted --s of this world,” Hml. III, 3, 57.
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