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Dissolve, 1) trans. a) to melt: “as if the world were all --d to tears,” R2 III, 2, 108.
b) to loose, to undo: “who quickly would d. the bands of life,” R2 II, 2, 71. “the bonds of heaven are slipped, --d and loosed,” Troil. V, 2, 156 (cf. Indissoluble).
c) to put an end to, to destroy: “lest his ungoverned rage d. the life,” Lr. IV, 4, 19.
d) to separate: “nothing can d. us,” Wiv. V, 5, 237. “--d from my hive,” All's I, 2, 66. “they are --d,” Cor. I, 1, 208.
2) intr. a) to be melted: “my smooth moist hand would in thy palm d.” Ven. 144. “what wax so frozen but --s with tempering,” Ven. 144 Lucr. 592. Gentl. III, 2, 8. Mids. I, 1, 245. R2 V, 1, 9. Lr. V, 3, 203 (I am ready to d., i. e. to tears). Ant. III, 13, 162. V, 2, 302.
b) to fade away, so fall to nothing: “the charm --s apace,” Tp. V, 64. “all shall d.” IV, 154.
Misapplied by Slender: Wiv. I, 1, 259.
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