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Doubtful, 1) not settled in opinion, wavering, hesitating: “in perplexity and d. dilemma,” Wiv. IV, 5, 87. “d. whether what I see be true,” Merch. III, 2, 148. “yet I am d.” Lr. IV, 7, 65. Followed by of: “I am d. of your modesties,” Shr. Ind. 1, 94.
2) not secure, suspicious, filled with apprehension: “d. thoughts and rash-embraced despair,” Merch. III, 2, 109. “that my most jealous and too d. soul may live at peace,” Tw. IV, 3, 27. “wild amazement hurries up and down the little number of your d. friends,” John V, 1, 36. “d. fear,” H6C IV, 6, 62. “dwell in d. joy,” Mcb. III, 2, 7. “I am d. that you have been conjunct and bosomed with her,” Lr. V, 1, 12.
3) uncertain, undecided, questionable: “beauty is but a vain and d. good,” Pilgr. 169. long was the combat d. 215; cf. H4A IV, 1, 48. H6A IV, 1, 151. R3 V, 3, 93. Mcb. I, 2, 7. “what obscured light the heavens did grant did but convey unto our fearful minds a d. warrant of immediate death,” Err. I, 1, 69. his (supply) “is certain, ours is d.” H4A IV, 3, 4. “d. hollow-hearted friends,” R3 IV, 4, 435. R3 IV, 4, 435 “this sailing Pandar our d. hope,” Troil. I, 1, 107. “d. fortunes,” III, 3, 8. “it is d. yet whether Caesar will come forth,” Caes. II, 1, 193.
4) breeding suspicion: “by pronouncing of some d. phrase,” Hml. I, 5, 175 (cf. “doubt” IV, 5, 6). “her death was d.” V, 1, 250.
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