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Deem, vb. 1) to judge, to estimate: “Imogen, that best could d. his dignity,” Cymb. V, 4, 57. Followed by of: “how the world may d. of me,” H6B III, 2, 65. “what it should be more than his father's death, that thus hath put him so much from the understanding of himself, I cannot d. of,” Hml. II, 2, 10 (Qq dream).
2) to think; mostly followed by a double accus.: “speed more than speed but dull and slow she --s,” Lucr. 1336. Sonn. 54, 3. 121, 3. LLL II, 1, 174. All's II, 1, 127. Tw. I, 5, 100. Wint. V, 3, 64. H6A I, 4, 49. H8 II, 4, 53. III, 2, 142. Followed by for: “so are those errors to truths translated and for true things --ed,” Sonn. 96, 8. By a clause: “that the souls of men may d. that you are worthily deposed,” R2 IV, 227.
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