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Design, subst., 1) scheme, plan: “his givingsout were of an infinite distance from his true-meant d.” Meas. I, 4, 55. Wint. II, 1, 50. II, 2, 49. H8 I, 2, 181. Cymb. II, 2, 23.
2) a work in hand, enterprise, cause: “'tis a meritorious fair d. to chase injustice with revengeful arms,” Lucr. 1692. “lending soft audience to my sweet d.” Compl. 278. “being then appointed master of this d.” Tp. I, 2, 163. LLL IV, 1, 88 and V, 1, 105 (both times used by Armado). “the fated sky gives us free scope, only doth backward pull our slow --s when we ourselves are dull,” All's I, 1, 234. “hinder not the honour of his d.” III, 6, 44. “a vessel rides fast by, but not prepared for this d.” Wint. IV, 4, 513. “I'll answer thee in any fair degree, or chivalrous d. of knightly trial,” R2 I, 1, 81. “officers appointed to direct these fair --s,” I, 3, 45. “his --s crave haste,” II, 2, 44. “leave these sad --s to him that hath more cause to be a mourner,” R3 I, 2, 211. “I hope my absence doth neglect no great --s, which by my presence might have been concluded,” III, 4, 25. “in deep --s and matters of great moment,” III, 7, 67. “be not peevish-fond in great --s,” IV, 4, 417. “the ample proposition that hope makes in all --s begun on earth below,” Troil. I, 3, 4. Troil. I, 3, 4 Troil. I, 3, 4 “there you touched the life of our d.” II, 2, 194 (== our cause). “unless I lame the foot of our d.” Cor. IV, 7, 8. “murder . . . towards his d. moves like a ghost,” Mcb. II, 1, 55. “the heart of brothers sway our great --s,” Ant. II, 2, 151. “my competitor in top of all d.” V, 1, 43. “that thou wilt be a voluntary mute to my d.” Cymb. III, 5, 159. “away to Britain post I in this d.” V, 5, 192.
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