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Enclose, 1) to shut in, to envelop: blind they are (viz his eyes) “and keep themselves --d,” Lucr. 378; cf. Cymb. II, 2, 21. “in what sweets dost thou thy sins e.” Sonn. 95, 4. “the glowing roses that flame through water which their hue --s,” Compl. 287. “beauty, truth, and rarity here --d in cinders lie,” Phoen. 55; cf. “the dead --d in clay,” H5 IV, 8, 129. “my honesty, that lies --d in this trunk,” Wint. I, 2, 435. “thy breast --s my poor heart,” R3 I, 2, 205.
2) to separate from common grounds by a fence: “for --ing the commons of Melford,” H6B I, 3, 24.
3) to surround, to encompass: “their silent war of lilies and of roses in their pure ranks his traitor eye --s,” Lucr. 73. “--ed were they with their enemies,” H6A I, 1, 136. Caes. V, 3, 8. Caes. V, 3, 8
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