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Entertainment, 1) hospitable reception, kind treatment, kindness: “I spy e. in her,” Wiv. I, 3, 48. “the stealth of our most mutual e.” Meas. I, 2, 158. “this e. may a free face put on,” Wint. I, 2, 111. Wint. I, 2, 111 “this great favour done, in e. to my princely queen,” H6B I, 1, 72. “whom this beneath world doth embrace and hug with amplest e.” Tim. I, 1, 45. “do not dull thy palm with e. of each new-hatched comrade,” Hml. I, 3, 64. “lest my extent to the players should more appear like e. than yours,” II, 2, 392. “desires you to use some gentle e. to Laertes,” V, 2, 216. “instruct her what she has to do, that she may not be raw in her e.” Per. IV, 2, 60.
2) reception, treatment in general: “witness the e. that he gave,” Ven. 1108. “I will resist such e.” Tp. I, 2, 465. “for an entrance to my e.” Shr. II, 54. “have you so soon forgot the e. her sister welcomed you withal?” III, 1, 2. “the rudeness that hath appeared in me have I learned from my e.” Tw. I, 5, 231. H4B IV, 5, 174 “(give).” Cor. IV, 5, 10. V, 2, 69. Hml. II, 2, 329. Ant. III, 13, 140. Cymb. I, 4, 167.
3) provisions of the table, any accommodation of guests, feast: “if love or gold can in this desert place buy e.” As II, 4, 72. “gave me fresh array and e.” IV, 3, 144. “John Drum's e.” All's III, 6, 41 (i. e. blows). Tw. II, 1, 34. Wint. I, 1, 9. Lr. II, 4, 209. “set a fair fashion on our e.” Tim. I, 2, 152 (== feast). Evans, blunderingly, calls guests “--s,” Wiv. IV, 5, 77.
4) amusement: “let us devise some e. for them,” LLL IV, 3, 373. Tim. I, 2, 185. Oth. II, 3, 37. Per. II, 3, 55. some e. of time == pastime: LLL V, 1, 125 (Holofernes' speech; cf. Entertain, def. 8).
5) service: “worthy your lordship's e.” All's III, 6, 13. “some band of strangers in the adversary's e.” IV, 1, 17. “already in the e.” Cor. IV, 3, 49.* “if your lady strain his e.” Oth. III, 3, 250 (his readmission into service). “have e., but no honourable trust,” Ant. IV, 6, 16.
6) conception, expectation: “advised him for the e. of death,” Meas. III, 2, 225 (cf. Entertain, def. 9).
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