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Fore (M. Edd. 'fore). prepos. == before (q. v.) in its various significations: “at any time f. noon,” Meas. II, 2, 160. “the grace f. meat,” Cor. IV, 7, 3. “the farced title running f. the king,” H5 IV, 1, 280. a mighty whiffler f. the king, V Chor. H5 IV, 1, 280 “what would you f. our tent?” Troil. I, 3, 215. couches f. the mouse's hole, Per. III Prol. 6. “f. whose throne 'tis needful to kneel,” All's IV, 4, 3 (O. Edd. for). “f. who please to come,” Wint. III, 2, 42. “contract us f. these witnesses,” IV, 4, 401. “present yourself f. Leontes,” IV, 4, 401 “to bring my whole cause f. his holiness,” H8 II, 4, 120. “f. all the Greekish heads,” Troil. I, 3, 221. “many an heir of these fair edifices f. my wars have I heard groan and drop,” Cor. IV, 4, 3. “whip him f. the people's eyes,” IV, 6, 60. V, 6, 120. “f. noble Lucius present yourself,” Cymb. III, 4, 175. “you must not so far prefer her f. ours,” Cymb. I, 4, 70. “prizest him f. me,” H6A I, 3, 22. “f. God!” Ado II, 3, 192 (Q before). IV, 2, 32. All's II, 3, 51. H4B III, 2, 186 (Ff trust me). 317 (Ff om.). V, 3, 6 (Ff om.). H5 II, 2, 1. Hml. II, 2, 488. Oth. II, 3, 66. “f. me, I speak in respect,” All's II, 3, 31. “f. me, this fellow speaks!” Cor. I, 1, 124.
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