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Forward, adj. 1) anterior, fore: “his f. voice,” Tp. II, 2, 94. “whoever charges on his f. breast,” All's III, 2, 116. “let's take the instant by the f. top,” V, 3, 39.
2) advanced, going far: “she is as f. of her breeding as she is in the rear our birth,” Wint. IV, 4, 591 (cf. Of). “when a jest is so f., and afoot too, I hate it,” H4A II, 2, 50.
3) not behindhand, ready, willing, making the first steps to meet another: “am bold to show myself a f. guest within your house,” Shr. II, 51. “you are marvellous f.” Shr. II, 51 “speak England first, that hath been f. first to speak unto this city,” John II, 482. “what need I be so f. with him that calls not on me?” H4A V, 1, 130. “nor do we find him f. to be sounded,” Hml. III, 1, 7. “our expectation that it would be thus hath made us f.” Cymb. III, 5, 29.
4) eager, zealous: “how fondly dost thou spur a f. horse,” R2 IV, 72. “his f. spirit would lift him where most trade of danger ranged,” H4B I, 1, 173. “let 'em have their rights, they are ever f.” H8 IV, 1, 9. “thus f. in his banishment,” H6B III, 2, 253. “thus f. in my right,” Tit. I, 56. “f. upon his party,” R3 III, 2, 46. “on thy side,” V, 3, 94. “most f. to doom the offenders,” III, 4, 66. “f. of revenge,” H6C IV, 8, 46.
5) bold, immodest, malapert: “you'll still be too f.” Gentl. II, 1, 11. “you grow too f.” Shr. III, 1, 1. “how fiery and f. our pedant is,” Shr. III, 1, 1
6) early ripe, premature: “the f. violet thus did I chide,” Sonn. 99, 1. “the most f. bud,” Gentl. I, 1, 45. “a very f. March-chick,” Ado I, 3, 58. “short summers lightly have a f. spring,” R3 III, 1, 94. “a violet f., not permanent,” Hml. I, 3, 8.
7) promising, hopeful, highly gifted“: good wit seconded with the f. child Understanding,” As III, 3, 14. “long live thou and these thy f. sons,” H6C I, 1, 203. “you promised knighthood to our f. son,” II, 2, 58. “bold, quick, ingenious, f.” R3 III, 1, 155.
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