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Frank, adj. 1) free, unrestrained: “thy f. election make,” All's II, 3, 61.
2) open, using no disguise: “with f. and with uncurbed plainness tell us the Dauphin's mind,” H5 I, 2, 244. “bearing with f. appearance their purposes toward Cyprus,” Oth. I, 3, 38. “to show the love and duty that I bear you with --er spirit,” III, 3, 195.
3) liberal, bountiful: being f. she (Nature) “lends to those are free,” Sonn. 4, 4. “f. nature hath well composed thee,” All's I, 2, 20. “our so f. donation,” Cor. III, 1, 130. “to be f., and give it thee again,” Rom. II, 2, 131. “whose f. heart gave all,” Lr. III, 4, 20. “'tis a good hand, a f. one,” Oth. III, 4, 44.
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