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File, subst. 1) a line or wire on which papers are strung in due order for preservation: “either it is there, or it is upon a f. with the duke's other letters in my tent,” Alls IV, 3, 231.
2) list, catalogue: “the muster f. amounts not to fifteen thousand,” Alls IV, 3, 189. “our present musters grow upon the f. to five and twenty thousand,” H4B I, 3, 10. “he makes up the f. of all the gentry,” H8 I, 1, 75. “the valued f. distinguishes the swift, the slow,” Mcb. III, 1, 95 (i. e. the list which states the value of each). “if you have a station in the f.” Mcb. III, 1, 95 “I have a f. of all the gentry,” V, 2, 8.
3) the number, multitude: “the greater f. of the subject held the duke to be wise,” Meas. III, 2, 144. “and front but in that f. where others tell steps with me,” H8 I, 2, 42. “a f. of boys behind them,” V, 4, 59. “but for our gentlemen, the common f.” Cor. I, 6, 43. “I mean us of the right-hand f.” II, 1, 26. “three performers are the f. when all the rest do nothing,” Cymb. V, 3, 30.
4) line, rank of soldiers: “great Mars, I put myself into thy f.” Alls III, 3, 9. “to instruct for the doubling of --s,” IV, 3, 303. “let him choose out of my --s my best and freshest men,” Cor. V, 6, 34. “are his --s as full as thy report?” Tim. V, 2, 1. “his eyes that o'er the --s und musters of the war have glowed,” Ant. I, 1, 3. “within our --s there are enough to fetch him in,” IV, 1, 12.
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