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Gape, 1) to open the mouth wide: Tp. I, 1, 63. Per. II, 1, 37. “made g. the pine,” Tp. I, 2, 292. “the graves all --ing wide,” Mids. V, 387. H4B V, 5, 57. H5 II, 1, 65. “may that ground g. and swallow me,” H6C I, 1, 161. R3 I, 2, 65. IV, 4, 75. Tit. II, 3, 249. Hml. I, 2, 245. “a --ing wound,” Merch. III, 2, 268. H4B II, 4, 212. mouths (of cannon) “--ing on Harfleur,” H5 III Chor. H5 III Chor.
2) to stare with open mouth, to gaze intently: “a press of --ing faces,” Lucr. 1408. John II, 375. H4A V, 1, 77. “would you grossly g. on,” Oth. III, 3, 395. cf. Earnest-gaping.
3) to open the mouth with hope and expectation, to long for: “young affection --s to be his heir,” Rom. II Chor. Rom. II Chor. “let gallows g. for dog,” H5 III, 6, 44 (Pistol's speech).
4) to cry with open mouth: “a --ing pig,” Merch. IV, 1, 47. 54 (according to some, a pig prepared for the table). “leave your --ing,” H8 V, 4, 3.
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