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Gossip, subst. 1) a sponsor at baptism (masc. and fem.): “'tis not a maid, for she hath had --s,” Gent. III, 1, 269 (sponsors for a child of hers). “go to a --s' feast,” Err. V, 405. “needful conference about some --s for your highness,” Wint. II, 3, 41. “my noble --s, you have been too prodigal,” H8 V, 5, 13.
2) Used as a familiar compellation to a female friend or neighbour: “what ho! g. Ford,” Wiv. IV, 2, 9. “did not goodwife Keech come in then and call me g. Quickly,” H4B II, 1, 102.
3) a sipping and tattling woman: “sometime lurk I in a --'s bowl,” Mids. II, 1, 47; cf. Rom. III, 5, 175. “if my g. Report be an honest woman of her word,” Merch. III, 1, 7. “as lying a g. as ever knapped ginger,” Merch. III, 1, 7 “the babbling g. of the air,” Tw. I, 5, 292. “mighty --s in this monarchy,” R3 I, 1, 83. “a long-tongued babbling g.” Tit. IV, 2, 150. “speak to my g. Venus one fair word,” Rom. II, 1, 11. “smatter with your --s,” III, 5, 172.
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