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Hold, subst. 1) grasp, seizure: “he that stands upon a slippery place makes nice of no vile h. to stay him up,” John III, 4, 138. “he is in the mighty h. of Bolingbroke,” R2 III, 4, 83. “let go thy h. when a great wheel runs down a hill,” Lr. II, 4, 73. having h. of both == holding both, having their hands in mine: John III, 1, 329. “the law hath yet another h. on you,” Merch. IV, 1, 347 (hath another way to seize you). lay h. of him == seize him, Cor. III, 1, 212. he that can lay h. of her (win her), Rom. I, 5, 118. “lay h. on him:” Meas. V, 364. Err. V, 91. Shr. V, 1, 91. Troil. V, 3, 59. Oth. I, 2, 80. to take h. == to gain possession: “that love should of a sudden take such h.” Shr. I, 1, 152. with of: “will not let belief take h. of him,” Hml. I, 1, 24. with on, == to seize, to overtake, to gain power over, possession of: “I fear thy justice will take h. on me for this,” R3 II, 1, 131. “let this tyrannous night take h. upon you,” Lr. III, 4, 156. “lest that the infection of his fortune take like h. on thee,” IV, 6, 238. “nor doth the general care take h. on me,” Oth. I, 3, 55.
2) confinement, custody: “put them in secret --s,” Meas. IV, 3, 91. “he hath the jewel of my life in h.” Shr. I, 2, 119. “franked up in h.” R3 IV, 5, 3.
3) a fastness: John V, 7, 19. H4B Ind. John V, 7, 19 H6C I, 2, 52. Cymb. III, 3, 20. III, 6, 18.
4) the interior cavity of a ship: “a hulk better stuffed in the h.” H4B II, 4, 70.
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