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Hazard, subst. 1) chance, risk: Wint. III, 2, 169. John I, 119. H4B IV, 1, 15. R3 V, 4, 10. Cor. IV, 1, 28. Tim. V, 4, 34. Ant. III, 7, 48. “to make a h.:” Lucr. 155. Merch. II, 1, 45. John II, 71. H4A I, 3, 128 (Qq I make a h., Ff it be with h.). to put in h. == to risk: “this muting were better put in h. than stay for greater,” Cor. II, 3, 264. upon all --s == at any risk, John V, 6, 7. “all is on the h.” Caes. V, 1, 68. “set so rich a main on the nice h. of one doubtful hour,” H4A IV, 1, 48. “sets all on h.” H4A IV, 1, 48. With of: “without apparent h. of his life,” Gent. III, 1, 116. H4A I, 3, 128. Cor. III, 2, 61.
2) danger: “I'll lay myself in h.” Meas. IV, 2, 166. “to the extreme edge of h.” All's III, 3, 6. “we stand much h., if they bring not Timon,” Tim. V, 2, 5. “thorough the --s of this untrod state,” Caes. III, 1, 136. “endure h. so dangerous,” Hml. III, 3, 6.
3) the thing risked, the stake in gaming: bring “your latter h. back again,” Merch. I, 1, 151. “a set shall strike his father's crown into the h.” H5 I, 2, 263 (German: in die Schanze, i. e. Chance, schlagen).*
4) evil chance, loss: “the h. therefore due fall on me by the hands of Romans,” Cymb. IV, 4, 46. “think death no h. in this enterprise,” Per. I, 1, 5.
5) a game at dice: “who will go to h. with me for twenty prisoners? You must first go yourself to h., ere you have them,” H5 III, 7, 93. H5 III, 7, 93
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