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List, vb. (impf. “listed:” R3 III, 5, 84; Ff “lusted. list:” Hml. I, 5, 177), to desire: “while she takes all she can, not all she --eth,” Ven. 564. “where his lustful eye --ed to make his prey,” R3 III, 5, 84 (Ff lusted). Mostly == to please, to choose: “conquers as she --s,” H6A I, 5, 22. Usually not inflected: “little stars may hide them when they l.” Lucr. 1008. “be where you l.” Sonn. 58, 9. “your lieutenant, if you l.” Tp. III, 2, 19. “take it as thou l.” Tp. III, 2, 19 “go to bed when she l.” Wiv. II, 2, 124. “seize thee that l.” Shr. III, 1, 91. “take them up, if any l.” III, 2, 167. “what I l.” IV, 5, 7. “turns what he l.” H8 II, 2, 22. “do as thou l.” Cor. III, 2, 128. “what she l.” Tit. IV, 1, 100. Rom. I, 1, 47. Oth. II, 3, 352. Followed by an inf.; with to: “even where I l. to sport me,” Ven. 154. Ado III, 4, 83. Hml. I, 5, 177. Lr. V, 3, 61. without to: “what of her ensues I l. not prophesy,” Wint. IV, 1, 26.
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