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Loose, adj. 1) not tied, not held fast, not confined: “her hair, nor l. nor tied in formal plat,” Compl. 29. “slackly braided in l. negligence,” Compl. 29 “if you see the bear l.” Wiv. I, 1, 304. Wiv. I, 1, 304 “they are l. again,” Err. IV, 4, 147. “I will fast, being l.” LLL I, 2, 161. “had their faces been l.” H8 IV, 1, 75. “to break l.” Err. V, 169. Mids. III, 2, 258. H4B I, 1, 10. “to go l.” Wiv. IV, 2, 128. Hml. IV, 3, 2. “to let l.” Tp. II, 2, 36. LLL III, 128. Mids. III, 2, 260. “their ragged curtains poorly are let l.” H5 IV, 2, 41 (in contempt, == displayed). to let l. == to uncouple, to set on: “let l. on me the justice of the state,” Oth. I, 1, 140. cf. “that tyrant . . . . thy womb let l. to chase us to our graves,” R3 IV, 4, 54. “I would turn her l. to him,” Wiv. II, 1, 190. fast and l. (cf. Fast): LLL I, 2, 162. III, 104. John III, 1, 242. Ant. IV, 12, 28.
2) not dense, not compact: (the earth of the churchyard) “being l., unfirm, with digging up of graves,” Rom. V, 3, 6.
3) wide, not tight: “like an old lady's l. gown,” H4A III, 3, 4. Adverbially: “in green she shall be l. enrobed,” Wiv. IV, 6, 41. “now does he feel his title hang l. about him,” Mcb. V, 2, 21.
4) irregular, acting at random: “a file of boys behind 'em, l. shot, delivered such a shower of pebbles,” H8 V, 4, 59.
5) slight, negligent, superficial: “lay negligent and l. regard upon him,” Troil. III, 3, 41. “he fumbles up into a l. adieu,” IV, 4, 48.
6) too unrestrained, lax: “which parti-coated presence of l. love put on by us,” LLL V, 2, 776. “where you are liberal of your loves and counsels be sure you be not l.” H8 II, 1, 127. “men so l. of soul, that in their sleeps will mutter their affairs,” Oth. III, 3, 416.
7) wanton, dissolute: “the l. encounters of lascivious men,” Gent. II, 7, 41. “that l. grace which shallow laughing hearers give to fools,” LLL V, 2, 869. “these giddy l. suggestions,” John III, 1, 292. “unrestrained l. companions,” R2 V, 3, 7. H4A I, 2, 232. Tit. II, 1, 65. Oth. II, 1, 245.
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