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Lean, vb. (impf. “--ed:” Lucr. 1415. Pilgr. 382. Troil. III, 3, 85. Cymb. I, 1, 78) 1) tr. to prop, to incline, to make to rest: “--ed her breast up-till a thorn,” Pilgr. 382. “--ing cheek to cheek,” Wint. I, 2, 285. “l. thine aged back against mine arm,” H6A II, 5, 43. “how she --s her cheek upon her hand,” Rom. II, 2, 23.
2) intr. a) to bend, to incline, to rest: “I'll but l.” Gent. II, 5, 31. “she --s me out of her mistress' chamber-window,” Ado III, 3, 155. Mostly with on: “--ing on their elbows,” Ven. 44. “these violets whereon we l.” Ven. 44 Lucr. 1415. LLL V, 1, 108. As III, 5, 22. John I, 194. H4A I, 3, 32. H6C II, 1, 68. H6C II, 1, 68 Troil. V, 3, 61. Cor. I, 1, 246. Ant. III, 13, 69.
b) to incline, to tend; with to: “howe'er you l. to the nayward,” Wint. II, 1, 64. “Northumberland did l. to him,” H4A IV, 3, 67. “l. to cutpurse,” H5 V, 1, 91 (Pistol's speech). “my lord --s to discontent,” Tim. III, 4, 70.
c) to depend: “the lives of all your loving complices l. on your health,” H4B I, 1, 164. “the love that --ed on them,” Troil. III, 3, 85. “every thing is sealed and done that else --s on the affair,” Hml. IV, 3, 59. Quibbling: “my name is Elbow; I do l. upon justice,” Meas. II, 1, 49.
d) to be in a bending posture, to be about to fall: “depender on a thing that --s,” Cymb. I, 5, 58.
e) to bow, to submit; with to: “'twere good you --ed unto his sentence with what patience your wisdom may inform you,” Cymb. I, 1, 78.
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